Studio Thumpy Puppy

Thumpy Puppy is:

Lindar K. Greenwood - Best Composer Thumpy Puppy (YAY!)

Alexandra 'Auntie' Baker - Audio Engineer, Co-composer.

Crystal - Producer, Photographer.

Logo design by Vikxin

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Interested in working with us?

Get in touch on social media or by email and tell us about your game jam, indie game project, promotional material, or other media project you'd like us to score.

We're also available for live performances and have been the featured guest at Artsplosion doing chiptune dance music.

Games we've worked on:

Zen Roots

is an ambient game about growing and continuing to find your way. Placed 25th in the Jam Audio category. [Ludum Dare 34]

Showers for Flowers

is a game about moving a cloud through obstacles of nature to water parched fields of flowers. [BaconJam8]


by the amazing Renee Blair is an abstract RPG about a personal experience.[Train Jam 2016]


is a first-person puzzle game headed up by developer Ben Burbank. [Train Jam 2016]


is a matchup game in a thunder storm, by Two Scoop Games. [Train Jam 2016]

Escape the Party

is an N-player game about anxiety and trying to leave a party, featuring the incredibly cute and morbid art of Cherry Cupid. [Train Jam 2016]

Snakes on a Train

is a competetive multiplayer take on the classic 'snake' with loads of gimmicks that keep the game feeling fresh. [Train Jam 2016]

Planetary Capacity

is a game about over-population and escaping to another planet. [Train Jam 2016]


is a competetive two-player game about grabbing the right pieces to get your train to the station and serve more passengers than your opponent. [Train Jam 2016]

Vertical Slice

is a game about cutting bullets with a sword where your proximity to the gun increases the slow-motion effect. [7DFPS 2014]

Bot Slugger

is one of the first game jam games we've worked on. Most of the games for this jam fell through, but the music survived in a compilation album dedicated to all the games that didn't get finished [7DFPS 2014]

Genres of Music We've Done:

Orchestral and Cinematic

Rock, Ska, Punk, and Metal



...and of course, chiptunes!